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Disney is about turn Toy Story's Pizza Planet into a real-life slice joint


Just when you thought '90s nostalgia had reached it's absolute theoretical zenith, along come the reality-suspension specialists over at Disney. Their plan? To turn Disneyland's Redd Rockett's Pizza Port (shockingly the real name of an actual restaurant at an amusement park designed for children) into "Alien’s Pizza Planet – A Better Place", a recreation of Toy Story's iconic Pizza Planet.

Currently billed as a "temporary re-theme", the pie-in-the-sky-pizza joint is set to open in time for PIXAR Fest, which kicks off April 13th. Disney has yet to make the change official, however, which means questions like "will the pizza be more than a hot grease pool on top of a triangle-ish piece of cardboard?" and "is there an actual Claw machine?" will have wait for at least another couple of days.

That said, Disney are nothing if not exacting when bringing their precious properties to life, so expect plenty of lived-in details like pizza-spear wielding robot door monitors, plenty of Whack-A-Alien fun, and hopefully Tim Allen getting dangled from the ceiling by his belt loop once every two hours.