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Remember The Heat

If the Heat go on to win the Finals, Denzel Washington deserves a ring for giving them this impromptu speech

After a gutting one-point loss in Game 3 against the Atlanta Hawks, the Miami Heat could have very easily slept through Game 4 and found themselves in a 2-2 tied series heading back home. Given what transpired back in March during a rough stretch, it was even fair to wonder if they'd turn on each other.

Instead, the opposite happened. Miami waxed Atlanta in Game 4, 110-86, on the strength of a 36-point, 10-rebound, four-assist, four-steal performance from star forward Jimmy Butler. Outside of leading 26-25 at the end of the first, the Hawks seemingly never had a chance, and are now facing elimination in South Beach Tuesday night. 

How did the Heat get off the mat so quickly? For starters, they are a very good basketball team, but they also may have legendary actor Denzel Washington to thank. Yes, you rea that correctly. Before Game 4, a few members of the Heat ran into Washington in the team hotel, and he gave an impromptu speech that made his speech at Gettysburg in "Remember the Titans" look like child's play (kidding, that's still a GOAT movie speech).

"God bless y'all, I was supposed to see you," Washington says at the beginning of the clip, with the likes of Butler and point guard Kyle Lowry hanging on his every word. "Keep raising the standard, about how you carry yourselves as you all do. Keep teaching, keep leading, keep following. Learn from the best, that's what I've done. And pass it on. Last thing I'll say which I've said a lot of times -- you never see a Uhaul behind a hearse. I'll say it again. You never see a Uhaul behind a hearse. Can't take it with you. Egyptians tried it, all they got was robbed."

Goodness, just golden line after golden line. No wonder they went out and embarrassed the Hawks. How could you not after running into freakin' Denzel in the hotel and having him stop and give you a run-through-the-wall type speech? 

When Denzel stops to chat, you drop everything you are doing and listen. It's that simple. If the Heat go on to win the NBA Finals, Denzel deserves a ring, too.