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The Denver Nuggets just started the tallest lineup in NBA history

July 22, 2020

Basketball fans expected a different look when the NBA resumed its season in Disney World after a four-month layoff due to COVID-19. But no one expected to see what the Denver Nuggets did on Wednesday.

In the team's opening scrimmage against the Washington Wizards, Denver started what has to be the tallest lineup in NBA history. Here's how it looked:

Good lord, that's a lot of LENGTH. Apparently, the "small ball" movement is a thing of the past. Or these were the only players Denver had available to play.

Nikola Jokic at guard? Considering the big man's ball-handling and passing skills, it's not the craziest thing. Still, a 7-footer-running point is unusual to say the least.

Jokic was joined in the backcourt by 6-foot-8 Jerami Grant. At the forwards, you have the small guy of the bunch, 6-foot-7 Paul Millsap, along with 7-foot-2 Bol Bol. Yes, that's his name. Yes, he's Manute Bol's son. And, yes, he's quite tall.

And rounding out this supersized lineup at center is 6-foot-11 Mason Plumlee. Add it all up and that's nearly 35 feet of players. Or, in other terms, if these guys all stood on top of each other, they would be nearly as tall as Fenway Park's Green Monster. And certainly, more intimidating.

On the flip side, the Wizards, whose star Bradley Beal will not participate in the NBA's Orlando bubble, started one of the least-intimidating lineups in league history:

This is going to be an interesting rest of the season to say the least.