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Denver Broncos' long Super Bowl odds don't change after trading for onetime possibly borderline elite QB Joe Flacco

February 13, 2019

Todd Olszewski

Good news, Denver Broncos fans! Your team just traded for a former Super Bowl MVP in Joe Flacco! Your old QB-turned-GM finally has his next old QB to lead you to the promised land! Go crazy, Mile High City!

Or not.

Las Vegas may be located in the middle of a desert, but it found a big way to dump a huge bucket of cold water on any Denver title aspirations after acquiring the most borderline-but-definitely-not elite quarterback in NFL history. Denver's odds of winning Super Bowl LIV (Did I do those Roman numerals right?) at Westgate Las Vegas Superbook before the "big" trade? 60 to 1. Denver's odds after the trade? 60 to 1. In other words, they're still a. . . mile high. Boom. Roasted.

Yep, the Broncos didn't make a dent in their odds, which means they are not even a step closer to topping the New England Patriots or the current favorites, Kansas City at 6 to 1, or any of the NFC's top teams. And this shouldn't be much of a surprise. John Elway didn't make a move for Flacco as much as the Baltimore Ravens, after seeing promising signs from rookie Lamar Jackson, dumped him for a fourth-round pick in this year's draft.

Flacco is expected to replace the cheaper—and probably better—Case Keenum, who the Broncos signed last off-season. Poor guy keeps getting bumped by mediocre quarterbacks. If you remember, it was Kennum who led the Minnesota Vikings to the NFC Championship game the previous season before being replaced by Kirk Cousins. And, well, that didn't work out last season.

Ironically, it was Flacco who dealt Denver one of its biggest daggers in franchise history with the "Mile High Miracle" in 2013.

If Broncos safety Rahim Moore doesn't make one of the worst plays ever, Flacco would have never won his lone Super Bowl, would have never been considered elite, and possibly wouldn't have caused Elway to get suckered into trading for him. Anyway, enjoy mediocrity for a few more years, Denver!