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Deion Sanders’ entrance for his first day as Jackson State head coach is the most Deion Sanders thing ever

September 21, 2020

File this under things we didn’t see coming: Deion Sanders—AKA Primetime, AKA Prime, AKA dual-sport superstar, NFL swag king, and connoisseur of life’s finer things—is officially the new head ball coach at Jackson State University. Joining Lane Kiffin and Mike Leach in Mississippi’s offseason coaching coup, Sanders is perhaps the most exciting, absurd, potentially amazing, quite possibly disastrous coaching hire in all of college football in 2020. It’s been awhile since JSU was a factor in the SWAC, but if Prime’s press conference entrance on Monday is any indication, a dynasty has just been born.

Tigers by a gosh darn million.

Although the entrance—replete with a marching band, police escort, and veritable presidential motorcade—was more than enough to herald a new era for the FCS also-rans, there was also the small matter of “Coach Prime” himself, who added some much-needed sparkle to socially-distanced coronation. You really gotta love how all of this is shaping up.

Unfortunately for fans of instant college football gratification, the Primetime Tigers won’t be hitting the field until at least February, when Jackson State is scheduled to take on Edward Waters to kickoff their COVID-delayed season. But hey, look on the brightside. At least that gives Coach Prime time to get that return game firing on all cylinders.