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Deion Sanders was so surprised by how fast this white guy was that he felt compelled to hug him

At long last, the NFL Combine finally ended on Monday, and, as is tradition, nothing really happened. If you needed the Combine to realize Saquon Barkley was good because he jumped really high in the jumping-high drill, and he ran really fast in the running-fast drill, and not because he rushed for nearly 4,000 yards and scored 51 total TDs in three years at Penn State, all while literally jumping over humans in the process, then I don't know what to tell ya.

Yet we all still watch, even on day three and four, when defensive lineman stumble their way through the 40-yard dash in incredibly-NSFW fashion. Those who toughed it out until day four of 2018 were treated to the second-best moment of the week -- the first of course being anything Shaquem Griffin did -- when Penn State defensive back Troy Apke stepped in for his 40-yard dash while Deion Sanders was on the mic on the field for NFL Network. You see, Apke is a white guy, and to be fair, speed is not the first thing associated with the majority of caucasians in the NFL. Sure, there are the Danny Woodheads and the Chris Hogans and the Blake Bortles' of the world, but they're few and far between. So when Apke zoomed across the 40-yard line in 4.35 seconds, Primetime was gobsmacked, so much so that he felt compelled to hug him:

From here on out, any fast white guy must be described as being able to "RUN run." Deion is too funny, and you have to love Mike Mayock, who sucks, saying "why are you surprised Deion?" Um, did you not just see that white dude go full Usain Bolt? Incredible.

Naturally, people are trying to make this a controversy, because breathing wrong is a controversy now, but it's just a hilarious moment. It's also a sign of respect from Prime, one of the fastest, most electric players in football history.