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Dedicated Tom Watson fan reveals bizarre Valhalla souvenir he’s kept since 2000 PGA Championship


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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that’s perhaps never been more true after hearing this story. Many of us have trinkets and knick-knacks from various sporting events, but very few of us are as committed to keeping something so obscure as this r/golf legend.

“In honor of the PGA Championship returning to Valhalla, here's my favorite golf souvenir: Tom Watson's Gatorade from 2000 PGA at Valhalla.”

For 24 years, a heroic fan has kept a Gatorade bottle given to him by Tom Watson. Is there some red liquid still sloshing around at the bottom, likely containing Watson’s backwash? You bet there is. This received a bounty of responses on Reddit, including the (hopefully) scientifically accurate reply: “Bro in Twenty more years with his DNA in the bottle you can create another Tom Watson.”

Watson did finish T-9 at Valhalla in 2000, so you’d be getting a solid Watson clone if science progresses enough in this lifetime.

Oh, in case you’re wondering, the label was put on by the patron when they got back from Valhalla. Unfortunately, Watson wasn’t labeling his Gatorade bottles with “Tom Watson’s Gatorade.”

Many wondered why this devotee has kept this item for so long. One even just plainly asked, “Why?” The fan simply responded, “Why not?”

“For those asking: I was 12,” sam34gtr explained. “It was a miserably hot August day, and Tom handed me the Gatorade because he said I looked thirsty. I kept it because I thought it was cool and now I keep it because it's a fun story … It’s been in my childhood room at my parents ever since.”

Tom Watson has one U.S. Open, five Open Championships and two Masters under his belt, but he was never able to complete the career grand slam with the PGA. His best performance was a T-2 in 1978. He may not have a Wanamaker Trophy to his name, but one fan out there has a Watson PGA award for the rest of time. It’s kind of beautiful if you (don’t) think about it.