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PGA Championship 2024: John Daly’s customized golf clubs for Valhalla are somehow even better than expected


Ross Kinnaird

More than 30 years after his shocking PGA Championship victory at Crooked Stick, John Daly is still going strong at the revered major. The tournament hasn’t even started yet and Long John has already taken the photo of the tournament, built his own perfect little foursome at Valhalla and did … well, just watch the following clip.

This is Daly’s 30th appearance at the PGA Championship, and he’s bringing his best stuff to Valhalla. And we’re not just talking about cigarettes. The PGA Tour and Golf WRX gave golf fans an inside look at the legend’s bag, which is of course a vintage Hooters orange with the phrase “Heart of a Lion” front and center. We’re hoping Daly makes another PGA run so we can see his clubs, indomitable swagger and sparking personality over the weekend.

Daly is still planning to use the direct-to-consumer Sub70 659-CB irons and TAIII (Tommy Armour III) wedges, but now his clubs have a bit more of the Daly charm to them. It is a major after all.

The clubs now have a Daly lion insignia and some are even stamped with the University of Arkansas Razorbacks logo, where Daly went and now his son attends. The club covers, also adorned with the lion, state “GRIP IT AND RIP IT,” because of course they do.

Daly has played 546 events since joining the PGA Tour in 1991, but the 58-year-old is still hitting the course (and living life) as if he just turned 21. His last win on tour was 20 years ago, but perhaps with his updated clubs and obvious love for the PGA Championship, we’re about to see a comeback for the ages. God willing... Daly with a dart in his mouth on Sunday at Valhalla is what we all need.