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TPC River Highlands

Good Bogey...

Decoding golf's backhanded compliments

August 16, 2022


Just because it sounds nice, doesn’t mean it is. But don't worry, we're here to decode golf's most common backhand compliments so you can tell nasty from nice ... and your friends from your enemies.

Good Bogey.

What It Really Means

No, really. A bogey is good for you.

You Might Actually Have A Swing There.


Jordan Siemens

What It Really Means

Unfortunately, it's still your swing.

Smart Play To Lay Up.

What It Really Means

The only play with those toothpick arms.

The Great Thing About You Is That You Play For Fun.


Blend Images - Erik Isakson

What It Really Means

I stopped updating your scorecard an hour ago.

Good Contact.

What It Really Means

At least you made contact this time.

Nice Lag.


Thomas Northcut

What It Really Means

No one expected you to get it there.

Don't Worry. You Can Hit.

What It Really Means

You're not reaching them in a million years.

Right Line.


Joe McBride

What It Really Means

Wrong speed, wrong stroke, wrong club, wrong course, wrong day.