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DEBATE: Is N64 better than PlayStation One?

September 20, 2018

DEBATE is a new feature that attempts to answer humanity's most burning questions through the prism of The Loop's oft-combative (and always distracted) Slack channel. Inspired by Sony's unveiling of the new PlayStation Classic, this week we begin with a topic that continues to drive a wedge between '90s kids to this day...

N64 or PS1?

[Ed Note. "BTW" is short for "Bad Take Walton," because Ben Walton takes are the worst takes]

[Ed Note. Ben Walton also likes Bugles, per "BTW"]




GRAPHICS: This is 2018. They both suck.


Scream "GOLDENEYE!!!" until your eyes pop out of your face, but the original PlayStation remains the ultimate '90s console.