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Sony to release mini PlayStation Classic, make your inner '90s kid weep sweet tears of joy

September 19, 2018

If you grew up on a steady diet of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Stone Temple Pilots, and Metal Gear Solid, hoo boy, do we have good news for you. Hot on the heels of Nintendo's miniaturizations of the iconic NES and SNES consoles, Sony has announced they are reviving the original PlayStation—probably the greatest video game system of all time—as the PlayStation Classic just in time for your Black Friday Best Buy stampede.

A perfect mirror of the original 1994 console, only 45% smaller, the PlayStation Classic comes pre-loaded with Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash!, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3, Wild Arms, and 15 other yet-to-be announced games and packed with two pre-dual shock controllers. Most importantly, there's an HDMI output, so you don't have dig out your dad's 500-pound SD tube TV to get your PaRappa the Rapper on. (God, if you're listening, please port PaRappa the Rapper. I promise I'll never ask for anything again).

The PlayStation Classic will retail for a farily reasonable $99 when it drops on December 3rd, but if Nintendo's impossible-to-find iterations are any indication, you may not want to wait that long. Thankfully Best Buy and GameStop are already accepting pre-orders, so fire up the ol' PayPal and make that special millennial in your life very, VERY (hint hint, honey) happy this holiday season.