Pasta Night

David Pastrnak, rocking Pit Vipers, jamming “Barbie Girl,” delivered the most epic press conference of the NHL season in Tahoe

February 22, 2021

NHL Outdoors is officially a wrap and overall it was a lot of good and a little bad. You had great views and plenty of talent on the ice, but then there was the actual ice, which forced an eight-hour delay of Avs-Golden Knights after the first period on Saturday. By Sunday, however, the NHL surface gurus had things figured out, and the Boston Bruins, led by a hat trick from David Pastrnak, cruised to a 7-3 win over the shorthanded Philadelphia Flyers. The hat trick was only the beginning of a memorable day for Pasta, however, with the Bruins forward stepping up after the game to deliver what is unquestionably, indisputably the greatest press conference of the young NHL season thus far. Behold.

Unbelievable professionalism from Pastrnak. Most players would tell NBC to go pound sand while jamming “the Barbie Girl song” after a big win, but not Pasta, who found his way over to the media tent in the dark while wearing sunglasses to share his passion for both the game of hockey and one-hit-wonder Danish-Norwegian pop sensations Aqua with the (Barbie) world. That’s how you do it in the big leagues, kids.

If you’re wondering why “Barbie Girl,” the whole vibe tied back to Bruins arriving at the rink on Sunday decked out in full ‘90s gear (including plenty of vintage Mighty Ducks threads.) Given the theme, we’re not sure what the Bruins were bumping by the time Pastrnak made his way back to the locker room, but let’s hope he didn’t miss “MMMBop” . . .