Swing Your Swing

This Korn Ferry Tour pro's twitchy setup puts Matthew Wolff's pre-shot routine to shame

September 15, 2023

As someone who has trouble pulling the trigger, I've always sympathized with the Keegan Bradleys and Matthew Wolffs of the world. That's why, when I saw the wildly twitchy setup and pre-shot routine of Korn Ferry Tour pro Daniel Miernicki on Twitter, I loved everything about it.

It's never as simple as "just get up to it and hit it" as some people make it out to be. Miernicki, who has a pair of top 25 finishes on the KFT in 2023, is clear proof of that. His pre-shot twitching and fidgeting puts Wolff's pre-shot hip turn routine to shame:

A lot going on there. A LOT. This is something you see from a guy at your local muni on a Saturday morning, the type of guy who throws up a 105 and constantly reminds you the entire round that he's "usually better than this." The difference between that guy and Miernicki is that, well, Miernicki is insanely good at golf, which makes the twitching all the more jarring. But if it works, it works. 

It's working quite nicely for Miernicki at the Simmons Bank Open, where he opened with a two-under 70 on Thursday and is already three under through seven holes of his second round on Friday. At five under, he's currently in a tie for 11th. Twitch away, my guy.