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Crazy rally driver drifting a Mustang up Pikes Peak will make you want to sell your mini-van

September 26, 2017

If you’re not already familiar with the art of Ken Block, don’t worry, it’s pretty simple: Speeding tickets are his muse, tarmac is his canvas, and smoking rubber is his paint, cast in long, arching smears across Dubai, Hollywood, San Francisco, and, now, Pikes Peak—perhaps the most infamous mountain road on earth.

Boasting 14,115-feet of vertigo-inducing drops and barf bag-bulging hairpins, Pikes Peak is best known for its annual Pikes Peak Hillclimb, which brings some of the most batshit wheelmen on earth to the Colorado cloud-scraper each year, all vying to set the fastest time up the 12.42-mile ascent while hopefully not doing this…

For Block, however, who became a household name (just ask your 18-year-old) thanks to his eight-year, ten-part, 384-MILLION-VIEW Gymkhana stunt-driving series, that’s not crazy enough. Actually it’s not even close. So for the 11th installment of his ongoing viral death wish—appropriately dubbed “Climbkhana”—Block grabbed the shell of an old Mustang, stuffed 1,400 horsepower under the hood and decided to race up Pikes Peak…sideways. Trust us, you have to see it to believe it and watch it to get it.

So yeah. Helicopters, cliffs, snowplows, donuts, drifts, and one big f—king mountain. Like we said. Pretty simple, right?