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Cowboys fan dies before Super Bowl LII, gets best obituary ever from his family

February 02, 2018

First of all, our condolences go out to the family of Robert Clyde Drew for their loss. But we also send a hearty round of a applause that family's way for the obituary they created for their beloved and recently deceased Dallas Cowboys fan.

Mr. Drew died last week, and his family doesn't think the timing was a coincidence with the upcoming Super Bowl LII being contested by two teams he hated. Check out these fantastic opening sentences to the obit:

*Robert Clyde Drew, beloved husband, father, and Papa, drew his last breath on January 25, 2018, mainly, we suspect, to prevent himself from having to watch the Patriots and Eagles in the Super Bowl. A loyal Cowboys fan, he died peacefully with his daughter by his side, knowing full well that Dez, did, in fact, catch the ball."

Of course, the last line referred to the controversial play involving Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant in a 2015 NFL Divisional Playoff Game against the Green Bay Packers. Even as someone who despises the Cowboys, I've got to agree with Mr. Drew. That was a catch. Then again, who knows these days. . .

Back to the brilliant obit, it also mentions Mr. Drew was a Taco Bell junkie (no shame in that) and "an expert on flag etiquette (whatever that means). Read the whole thing:

Rest in peace, Robert. And here's hoping that wherever you are, the rules of what constitutes a catch are easier to follow.