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Cover your ears, Orioles fans, this autistic teen can recite the score of every Yankees game since 2014

February 26, 2020

OK, so before we get to any of the baseball stuff, we want to make sure we aren't trivializing living with autism. It's way, WAY more than the "Rain Man" cliches we see on the internet, even if that's not really what viral stories like this imply. So while it's cool that young Bronx Bomber Will can remember and recite the score of every Yankees game score since 2014, we have to remember and respect that there's some other stuff that might come a lot harder for him. We're all the same page, right? OK good, because we weren't speaking metaphorically when we said Will can recite the score for EVERY Yankees game since 2014. That's a real thing and it's absolutely incredible.

Seriously impressive stuff, especially when you take into account his ability to remember the pitcher of record as well. He even remembers June 22nd, 2014, an 8-0 win for the Orioles, of all franchises. Unfortunately for Orioles fans, that's where the fun stops for them. If they were to quiz Will on the Orioles' record against the Yankees the past five seasons, it would paint a far grislier picture. Since 2017, the Orioles have gone a combined 16-41 against their AL East foes, including a dismal 2-17 campaign in 2019 that included some pretty depressing figures for the O's faithful.

But hey, if you don't believe us, just ask Will. We're guessing New York sports' latest hero already knows all that . . . and he probably didn't need to spend 20 minutes on Baseball Reference adding it all up on his iPhone calculator like we just did.