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Costco may have finally gone too far with this 27-pound(!) bucket of mac & cheese

January 11, 2019

Costco's bulk buys are the stuff of legend. I still haven't finished a giant bag of chocolate chips from 2015, and believe me, I've tried. But the wholesale king has outdone itself this time. Introducing the 27-pound(!) bucket of Costco mac & cheese that you might need an addition on your house just to find room for:


This actually sickens me, but only because I don't like cheese (Yeah, I know, I'm weird). Otherwise, I'd be all in. Well, if I had space for such a monstrosity. And if I had the strength to lug it out of my trunk.

According to People Magazine (Although, I could have told you all this once I make my weekly Saturday trip to Costco), the bucket costs $89.99, which seems pricy for mac and cheese until you realize it might be the last batch of mac and cheese you ever have to buy. Unless you invite the Gronkowski brothers over for a Super Bowl party.

The tub contains 180 servings so that's a full six months of cheat days covered. Handy.

And for those of you wondering, no, it's not already made. Even Costco draws the line somewhere. But what you might find more disgusting (Or great) than the product's large quantity is its shelf life (LOL like a shelf could handle this thing) of 20 years. That's right, this stuff stays good for two DECADES! So when you move addresses, you can take it with you.

The full name of this heart attack in a tub is The Chef's Banquet Macaroni and Cheese Storage Bucket. Yum. Nothing makes food sound enticing than adding the words "storage bucket" to the title, am I right? Dig in, everyone.