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Is this woman who successfully returned a "dead" Christmas tree to Costco a terrible person or a genius?

January 11, 2018

Full disclosure: I'm a full-fledged Costco nut. I come up with reasons to go there almost every weekend just so I can get a hot dog, a soda, and two frozen yogurts (one for my lucky wife), all for $4.51. Eating out for that little gives me a rush -- and yes, I also love the savings buying in bulk brings. Although, we're running out of space in the basement.

As if I needed another reason to love Costco, I recently found out firsthand about their legendary (Read: Extremely lenient) return policy when I brought back a pair of pants my parents got me awhile back. Mom, if you're reading this, there was nothing wrong with the pants, but I'm not a 32 waist anymore. Although, I probably was at the time you bought me this particular pair. Yet, without a receipt or an explanation, I was simply asked if the pants were a gift and boom! I walked away with a gift card for $18.66 (That's four glorious lunches there!) that I used to buy snacks that will sustain me for at least a month week.

But one woman went way, way too far recently when it comes to taking advantage of Costco's customer service. According to a fellow customer, this bold consumer returned a Christmas tree. On Jan. 4. Because it was "dead."

On one hand, we're all for "standing up to the man." On the other, we're not for that if the "man" is Costco. This woman is awful. Not just for being so cheap and greedy, but because she's opening the door for copycat returners that threaten Costco's generous policy for everyone else.

Also, who buys a REAL Christmas tree from Costco? First of all, why risk bringing snakes into your home? And secondly, I bought Costco's fantastic fake model a few years back. It's easy to set up and it comes already equipped with lights that have three different settings. Best money I've ever spent.