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Coolest things at the 2019 PGA Fashion Show and Project Golf

August 20, 2019
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August in the fashion world is when apparel brands preview the next year's spring and summer collections. Golf fashion follows the same schedule, and that's why the PGA Fashion Show is held this time each year in Las Vegas. It's an opportunity for companies of all sizes to offer an early glimpse of their offerings. Concurrently, another trade show is held just down the block with a more fashion-forward focus with trends that will certainly impact the golf fashion world.

MAGIC is a leading fashion trade show held every year in Las Vegas covering major fashion categories from men's and women's to footwear and children's apparel. While last year there was a golf-specific section, this year the show blended fashion and sport. Golf popped all around the floor, from Lacoste's virtual-reality putting experience to Psycho Bunny launching its spring golf collection.

We scoured each show floor to find the coolest items coming soon to a golf shop near you. Here's what you need to know for the coming year.

Dormie 1.jpg

You can always count on Dormie Workshop to have one of the most eye-catching booths at the PGA Show. The Canadian shop designs unique leather headcovers, so it makes sense they'd show in style. The Golf Digest SELECT headcovers (above) were of course on display (available now at, just one example of the company's creative prowess and custom abilities. Their newest project (below) involves 24-karat gold ball markers. The one-of-a-kind pieces created a ton of buzz featuring 3D designs, luxe gold materials and some are even covered in jewels. They'll run for about $10,000 to $15,000, and according to the brand these aren't just "next-level" cool, they're the last level.

dormie 2.jpg


While your wallet is open, check out this self-balancing electric scooter from Scooza that'll cost you just $3,795. The fat tire ride can accommodate your golf clubs and is ready to tackle any golf course terrain you throw its way. Relatively new to the market, these scooters can be used for golf or commuting, topping about 28 miles per hour.

True Linksoul Shoe.jpg

One of our favorite finds at the show was a collaboration shoe from True Linkswear and Linksoul. The limited-edition shoe has retro artwork on the insoles by Geoff Cunningham (@parnography) and "Make Par/Not War" stamped onto the heel tab. The knit shoe ($148) is lightweight and full of traction.

IFGfit 1.jpg

This is NOT your typical golf shirt. IFGFit pieces are designed to correct your posture and combat neck and back pain. Inside the shirt is a wire-free layer that will realign the wearer's head, neck and spine without compression. These pieces can help your posture, reduce pain and increase chest mobility—all of which will help your golf swing. The line is stylish and super soft for a comfortable wear that you won't regret. The brand also makes cool women's activewear including sports bras and leggings that are on-trend and also fix posture. Men's golf shirts go for around $220 and women's pieces start at $98.

ifg posture 2.jpg

Foray Sweater.jpg

Always on the forefront of golf style, Foray Golf is working on a line of sustainable cashmere pieces. This collection works to give back to the herders that provide the materials. The fabrics are soft, cozy and naturally antimicrobial. This sweater is unisex and great for golf: Keep an eye out for more stylish pieces like this early next year.

Goodr sunglasses.jpg

New to the PGA Show, Goodr made a splash on the showroom floor with a tropical-themed booth and an exciting new product that earned them the 2019 Top Buyers Choice award. The company offers affordable sunglasses ($25-$35) with some serious grip. They promise to stay comfortably on your face during the golf swing and add a ton of style to any outfit.

Oliver Thomas.jpg

Another brand new to golf but certainly not going unnoticed is Oliver Thomas. The fun bag line has a collection for everyone, from on-course belt bags ($69 to $99) to weekender totes ($115 to $150) that fit everything, this company has you covered. Bags are equipped with RFID blockers, multiple strap options and pockets galore. Rumor has it the drawstring bags ($69) make great shoe bags for male and female golfers alike.

Ralph Lauren commissioned the talented Timmy Ham to create unique pieces of art to celebrate the brands return to the MAGIC show floor. The pieces were auctioned off after the show and will be displayed in a Polo Ralph Lauren storefront. The art mirrored the bright collections the brand will launch in the spring.

Polo Ralph Lauren.jpg

Asher 1.jpg

Asher Golf has maintained its place in the golf-glove space. The affordable-yet-quality gloves are bright, fun and dependable. In 2019, Asher showed even more creativity, developing a handful of limited-edition gloves that were must-haves for the season. The core collection starts at $12 and limited-edition pieces go for $24 to $28. From the major-inspired pieces to the retro-inspired "Don't Ask" glove for Golf Digest SELECT ($28), Asher gloves add a ton of personality to your on-course looks.

Asher Golf digest select dont ask glove.jpg

Hannah Childs.jpg

Another newcomer to golf, Hannah Childs women's apparel brand featured stylish golf clothes and American-made pieces. The rose belt is a great way to add style and a feminine touch to any outfit, and the sweaters are made in the only remaining sweater factory in the U.S. The company originated in the equestrian world, so the pieces are made to move.


Imperial launched the DNA Collection at the PGA Show. The collection was inspired by pieces featured in Imperial catalogs dating back to the 1950s. The line is fresh, fun and brings some serious style.