Dominating Life

Freshman quarterback to play for Georgia Tech golf team at Cypress Point on Monday. Wait, WHAT?!

There is living your best life, and then there is what Georgia Tech freshman quarterback Colson Brown is doing on Monday (HINT: it has nothing to do with football). 

Brown is in California, which seems odd given the Yellow Jackets are due to play the University of Virginia this coming Saturday in Charlottesville. But that's because he's doing double duty this week. On Monday, Brown is joining the Georgia Tech men's golf team, which has two separate events it is competing in. One is the East Lake Cup at Atlanta Athletic Club. The other? The Cypress Point Classic, which is played at ... yup, you guessed it, the legendary Cypress Point, which checked in at No. 3 this year on Golf Digest's list of America's 100 Greatest Courses

The team needed 11 total players for both events, five for the East Lake Cup and six for the Cypress Point Classic. But they had only 10 with one player currently redshirting. Enter Brown, who got the call every golf nut dreams of: "Hey, we need one at Cypress on Monday." Brown could have the Ramblin' Wreck in College Football Playoff contention and he'd still probably drop everything he was doing to be there:

Yup, that's exactly what Colson Brown, freshman QB at Georgia Tech who is playing Cypress Point for the golf team on Monday, should look like. The cherry on top is that he is from North Augusta, which is actually in South Carolina but is also just down the road from Augusta National Golf Club. Brown was born to live out this exact scenario. 

Oddly enough, Brown has yet to see any action on the football team through eight games, meaning his first live college sports competition will be in the sport he didn't even go to school for. And boy, did he really luck out getting the look for Cypress. Not that Atlanta Athletic Club is bad, but it's no Cypress. It appears as though the A squad, featuring 6-foot-8 Christo Lamprecht, will be at East Lake:

Can you imagine having to go back to running sprints and playing on the scout team after tearing it up at Cypress Point? Of course, it was likely Brown's dream to play college football, but once he finds out how good college golf is on Monday, things could change. 

P.S. Not sure it's possible to be more jealous of a human than I am of Colson Brown. Anybody who knows anything knows being the second, third or whatever-string QB is already the dream, and now you add in this?! Cypress is a once-in-a-lifetime deal that some people wait their whole life for. This dude is sneaking over their on Monday and then throwing his helmet back on on Tuesday. Unfair to have it that good.