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Collin Morikawa makes fan’s day, month and year after exchanging signed items in heartwarming CJ Cup video

October 25, 2022

The Loop may be best known for its hot takes, ferocious takedowns and brutally-dissected gaffes, but we also have a heart here, and today is the day in which that very heart grew three sizes.

There’s nothing better than an adorable fan video, and Collin Morikawa, cold-blooded competitor and California foodie, delivered exactly that this weekend, giving a young fan a thrill so great she eventually cried “tears of joy.”

That’s just good content.

Shoutout to the PGA Tour’s TikTok for capturing this one. They knew they had a gem on their hands, and clearly golf fans agreed as it’s already been seen over three million times.

Morikawa got a new putter cover—with the girl’s John Hancock—and the adoring fanatic received a signed glove. And who’s to say that the signatures won’t be worth the same one day?