Why we're excited to be working with Collin Morikawa, and why you should be, too

January 12, 2021
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So happens the newest member of the our staff is also one of the youngest.

Collin Morikawa’s 24th birthday is next month. While we’re pumped that Golf Digest's Issue 1 of 2021 features the major champ on his first cover, we’re even more excited the relationship has taken a further step. As a Golf Digest Playing Editor, Morikawa will regularly collaborate with Golf Digest writers and video producers. He joins a lineage of tour greats—including Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson, Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods, Rickie Fowler and Jordan Spieth—all of whom have helped shape Golf Digest content over the years.

“It’s an incredible honor to be named Playing Editor,” Morikawa says. “I grew up reading the magazine.”

Morikawa is making his debut from multiple angles. For the profile “Cool, Collin, Collected,” Morikawa opened up to Golf Digest Staff Writer Daniel Rapaport about his childhood and decisions that have led to a steady ascendency through life and competitive golf. The 2020 PGA champion also offers mechanical and strategic tips—and the whole thing runs 14 pages, or a substantial scroll if the digital edition is more your thing. “It’s funny,” Rapaport says. “Sometimes I’ll talk to tour players, and it seems like they might still be in college. But with Collin it felt like I was talking to a veteran.”

If only golf maturity was connected with age, we’d all be getting better all the time. For unfiltered access into how Collin thinks, you can watch the 22-minute Undercover Lesson we filmed of Collin practicing with his coach of more than 15 years, Rick Sessinghaus. Owner of a doctorate in applied sports psychology as well as an author, you’ll see Sessinghaus is no ordinary nuts-and-bolts teacher.

Watch Morikawa show off his skills in our "6-iron Challenge"

Although Collin is modest, we goaded him into showing off his skills for your entertainment (and ours) in the above video, “Collin Morikawa’s 6-Iron Is More Accurate Than an Average Pro’s Wedge.” I was standing on the range when we filmed, and the wind picked up hard and against after we set the target. It was unreal watching Collin dig to find another gear of power without sacrificing accuracy or grace. Although we’re also fascinated by the Bryson DeChambeaus and Dustin Johnsons of the world, we think Collin’s more moderate swing speed is another reason he’ll make an excellent playing editor. He plays a game that’s easier for us mortals to recognize.

“I hope to share some valuable insights into the way I approach golf and help grow the game that I’m lucky to play professionally,” Morikawa says.

Us, too. Welcome aboard, Collin.