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Tiger Woods

Lesson Tee
Tiger Woods: Green Memories

To knock in more putts, keep a mental notebook

Lesson Tee
Tiger Woods: Pitch With Your Body

For consistency, put your big muscles in control

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods: Get Steep To Splash It Out

An early wrist hinge sets up the right impact

Tiger Woods
Ease Up Under Pressure

Focus on good rhythm back and through

Tiger Woods
Chin up for good posture

Look like an athlete ready for action

Tiger Woods
Stay tall in fairway bunkers

For great contact, avoid dipping into the ball

Lesson Tee
How To Draw Your Tee Shots

Release the club early through the ball

Lesson Tee
Play the chunk-and-run

It's a good way to beat thick greenside rough

Lesson Tee
My New Driver Cut Shot

Grip down an inch and hold off the release

Lesson Tee
Maintain A Quiet Head

Release it only after you've struck the ball

Tiger Woods
Footwork Fuels Good Iron Play

Sequence your lower body to trap the ball

Tiger Woods
Try My 4-Iron Chip Shot

Bump it over the fringe, and let it roll out

Tiger Woods
Try My Tee-Shot Stinger

Keep your hands leading the club through the ball

Tiger Woods
What's changed in my swing

More stability means a good move into the ball

Fix Finish And Swing

Your follow-through shows what you did

Tiger Woods: Face up in the rough

How to keep it square

Tiger Woods: Power up your irons

Set the club short of parallel at the top of your swing

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