Turn Those Horns Upside Down

Man axed from College World Series anthem duties after flashing the “horns down” at Women’s CWS

Meet Zac Collier. Zac is a red-blooded American guy a lot like you and me, only Zac was blessed with a set of pipes. Those pipes have taken him to heights most screechers, hummers, and hobbyists never reach, including the 2022 Men’s and Women’s College World Series, where Collier was scheduled to perform the National Anthem. We say was because Collier has been relieved from his CWS duties after he was seen throwing up the horns down during his WCWS rendition of the "Star Spangled Banner" last week. You could make it up but boy you’d really have to try.

“Unsportsmanlike behavior” from an anthem singer. That’s a new one. It also confirms what we already knew: That the NCAA is the soggiest, smelliest wet blanket in sports. Not only have they deemed this as an “offensive gesture”—an absolute affront to the infinite number of actual offensive gestures human beings are capable of—they also hired a Texas A&M alum to sing the national anthem at a tournament in which the Longhorns are one of the favorites. What did they expect? A rousing rendition of “Kumbaya” followed by a ceremonial hatchet burying? Wake up and smell the hatred, you dolts.

As for Collier, he doesn’t seem too shook up by his sh*tcanning. “I regret nothing,” he wrote on Facebook and we absolutely believe him. With Texas set to join the SEC in 2023, Aggies-Longhorns is about to be back on the menu. This isn’t a time for peace. It’s a time for digging the trenches and fortifying the walls. War is coming to Lubbock, and A&M are going to need every man, woman, and anthem singer they can get.