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Clutch Gene

This video of a guy making a layup, free throw, three pointer, and half-court shot in 30 seconds for $10,000 tuition is the most electric highlight you will ever see

November 04, 2021

Think about the last time you put up a jump shot. Could be hours. Could be years. Now think about making that jump shot with $10,000 on the line. Now think about making that jump shot in addition to a layup, free throw, and half-court heave. Now think about doing all that in 30 seconds in front of a screaming college gymnasium. All of that and more is what this sharpshooter had to contend with in this wild clip that surfaced this week, miraculously making all four shots in less than half minute while becoming a viral LEGEND. Behold.

If there’s such a thing as a clutch gene, this guy has it. But he also has lady luck in his boudoir. His layup takes a full revolution around the dish before spinning home. His free throw catches both the front and back of the iron and goes down. Then there’s his three pointer, which clanks straight up, kisses off the top of the backboard and in. It’s at exactly this point you know a higher power is at play …


After the three pointer miraculously falls, you know there’s no way he misses the half-court shot. Destiny is on his side. The fates have willed it, and so it will be, and sure enough he swishes it right at the buzzer. THE. CROWD. GOES. WILD.

All in all it adds up to the week’s most electric sports clip. $10,000 won’t last you too long in today’s higher-education hellscape, but virality? Well, virality is forever.