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Cody Bellinger's new home-run celebration will not be resulting in any more shoulder injuries

The two big questions for the L.A. Dodgers entering Game 1 of the World Series against the Tampa Bay Rays were: 1. Could Clayton Kershaw shake his postseason demons? and 2. Was Cody Bellinger seriously injured from a home-run celebration in Game 7 of the NLCS? If both answers were no, the Dodgers were in legitimate danger of letting another championship elude them. 

Turns out, all was well in Game 1, as Kershaw pitched a gem and Bellinger powered them on the offensive side. His dislocated shoulder looked like it was just fine in the bottom of the fourth, when he absolutely TURNED on a 98-mph Tyler Glasnow fastball to put L.A. up 2-0: 

If you watched until the end, you saw Bellinger's new, safe dinger celly, which requires nothing but a few foot taps with the bros. Nothing wrong with that: 

Safety first, indeed. This *shouldn't* result in any serious injury. Praying to the gods of jinx that we didn't just jinx the hell out of that. 

If the 2-run bomb wasn't enough to tell you Bellinger's shoulder is fine, this home-run rob really drove the point home: 

Yeah, he's good. Dodgers are good. It may finally be L.A.'s time.