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Kid loses his mind in terror as dad pulls out tooth with golf swing

November 29, 2023

Golf’s going through a bit of an existential crisis. Between the rollback chaos and the LIV Golf saga, things are a bit odd right now. It’s cold out, pitch-black at 4 p.m. and golf is walking around listening to Bon Iver. Sometimes you need to go back to basics and a father swinging a golf club at a ball tied to his son’s tooth is a classic.

Patrick Van Hoose dubbed this “The greatest method of pulling a loose tooth!” and they’re certainly not wrong. The screeching to start off the video is certainly a pain to listen to, but it disappears quickly once the shot is struck. And what a shot it is. That’s a solid hit and ultimately great contact with a tree in the periphery.

Many noticed that the father held his finish before looking at the tooth. That’s a professional right there. Golf first, safety of child second.

“I looked all over for the ball and then I found it in our backyard,” Van Hoose added. “It bounced all the way back. I wasn’t planning on getting it back.”

It’s unclear if the family found the tooth or if it was 300 yards away. Either way, an impressive follow-through by the dad and a poor job staying quiet during the backswing by the kid.