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Instagram influencer Claire Hogle had the best take on internet 'weirdos'

September 07, 2022

If you have an Instagram and you love golf, there's a strong chance you've come across influencer Claire Hogle. Hopefully, there's zero chance you've left her a grotesque comment, something Hogle and other influencers like here deal with 24/7/365.

Hogle, who came across as extremely self-aware on this week's episode of The Loop podcast, knows that's pretty much what she signed up for when she decided to go all in on the influencer role. After injuries derailed her potential playing career, she went down the same path as Paige Spiranac, who went from struggling pro golfer to social media sensation (Spiranac now has 3.6 million followers on Instagram, more than Dustin Johnson, Jon Rahm, Scottie Scheffler and Justin Thomas... combined).

Hogle isn't quite on Spiranac's level yet (she has a ho-hum 831,000 follower count on the 'gram), but she still deals with the same amount of hate. Comes with the territory, she says. 

"I don't entirely blame them [the haters]," Hogle said. "Before I started down this path, I was on the grind, and I was like 'why are these other girls trying to be so 'hot' on a golf course, just go play golf.' So I get it. But I don't worry about it too much. Anyone that's going to say something rude, typically they aren't someone I want an opinion from. I don't respect their opinions enough to take them seriously. If someone has a serious, very valid constructive criticism that they want to pass along, usually they'll pass it along in a way that's pretty civil. But if someone's going to leave a rude comment or a rude message, I'm just like-- I just don't need to take it personally."

Man, we can think of a few other athletes/influencers who should take that same advice. Not naming names (Kevin Durant).

Hogle also referred to the haters as "internet weirdos," which we particularly enjoyed. "Often times they don't have a profile picture, they don't have followers, so they just say the meanest possible thing that they can say," she said. "I moreso kind of look at them and I'm just like 'wow, that's really mean,' but I don't take it too personally. At first I did, I'd get some influx of hate here and there. I actually cried a couple of times. But now I'm OK. Water off a duck's back." 

For our full chat with Hogle, plus our recap of LIV Boston and a wild weekend of college football, please have a listen below: