Shots Fired

Brian Kelly should have quit on the spot after getting bodybagged by this reporter

September 07, 2022

In fairness to Brian Kelly, who has caught a ton of flak since losing to Florida State in crushing fashion in his LSU debut, the man has won literally everywhere he's been in his career. And each time, it's taken some time. Programs are not built overnight. Patience should be paramount in his latest endeavor.

The problem is, this is the SEC, where "patience" does not exist. It doesn't help that Kelly came across as a phony when he first arrived with that fake southern accent, nor does it help that he also comes across as an a-hole on and off the sideline.

Look no further than his Tuesday press conference, which he opened by calling the reporters on hand a "late-arriving media crowd" that "must have enjoyed the weekend." He took aim at one reporter in particular, saying it's usually a $10 fine for being late. Kelly than softened, saying he'd use the fine money to have a "big bash" at the end of the year at his place.

The reporter in question than shouted "maybe if you win I'll be on time." Goodness. GRACIOUS:

Just an all-around brutal scene. A blocked extra point L promptly followed by a bodybagging by a beat reporter. No one would have blamed him if he retired on the spot, or taken a massive buyout, Coach O style

But credit to Kelly for standing in the pocket and taking the hit like a champ. He could have gotten extremely salty and/or lashed out, but he stayed relatively calm. Also, according to Leah Vann of the Advocate Baton Rouge (the reporter in the video), she and Kelly are cool. 

There you have it. Hatchet, buried. All is well in Tiger Country (for at least one more week).