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This punt from the Citadel is already the play of the year, possibly the century

September 13, 2020

Welp, it took just two weeks for us to get super hyperbolic. College football is very much back. 

In this case, though, the "play of the year" hyperbole might be warranted. Halfway through the second quarter, the South Florida Bulls, leading 7-6 at the time, had the Citadel backed up in their own end zone. Facing 4th and 15, the Citadel's Matt Campbell and his punt team trotted on the field to try and flip the field position. 

That's, um, not what happened at all. Instead, Campbell botched the snap, somehow recovered and had a chance to boot it away. He whiffed: 

Oh dear. Should we get a closeup? Yeah, let's do a closeup: 

Cripes. Poor Matt. For those wondering, yes, that does count as a punt return touchdown for USF's Omarion Dollison, who is the shining example of being in the right place at the right time. 

While the Citadel still only trailed by eight after this debacle, it proved to be in the nail in the coffin. USF went on to score two more unanswered touchdowns to earn its first win of the season. Gonna be a tough film session for Campbell on Monday.