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Fearless golfers capture footage of funnel cloud forming over Chicago golf courses during tornado warning

Golfers are a resilient bunch. We’ve seen play carry on through wind, rain, snow, hail and even fire over the years, but one thing you really don’t want to mess around with are tornadoes. Just ask these Chicago-area golfers, who witnessed the formation of a massive funnel cloud while attempting to play in the middle of a tornado warning on Wednesday. Check it out.

Where’s Bill Paxton (RIP) and Helen Hunt when you need them?! But for real, you don’t want to mess with Mother Nature in situations like this. If you’re trying to squeeze in nine after work and you see a tornado forming on the horizon, it’s probably best to just pack it in and live to play another day.

Thankfully, this funnel cloud—seemingly the same one viewed from different Chicago courses located a few blocks from each other—never touched down, but the storm still left widespread damage in its wake, even tearing off the wall of a nearby condo.

Scary stuff and a (hopefully obvious) reminder that the round of your life isn’t worth your actual life.