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Cheyenne Woods gets engaged to Aaron Hicks, creating a potential golf couple dynasty

Move over, Tiger, there's a new star athlete coming to the Woods family.

Aaron Hicks pulled off a successful marriage proposal to girlfriend Cheyenne Woods last week. And now we could have a potential dynasty on the competitive golf couple circuit.

Of course, everyone is well aware that Cheyenne inherited the Woods golf talent. She's played professionally for nearly a decade, including on the LPGA Tour, following a standout college career at Wake Forest.

We've written a lot about Hicks' golf prowess as well. A standout junior player, he wound up becoming a Major League Baseball player instead. But he remains an excellent golfer with a plus-handicap.

Woods caddied for Hicks at this year's LPGA's Diamond Resorts Championship and she was there to film him plucking his golf ball out of the hole after making an ace—on a par 4(!) in January. Yeah, he's really, really good at golf.

This is the part where we could insert a joke about him being so good at golf because he never plays baseball anymore, but we won't. No, but seriously, he's always hurt. I know, because I'm a Yankees fan.

Anyway, Aaron popped the question and Cheyenne said yes. Sorry, make that "YESSS":

Congrats to the happy couple. And brilliant move by Aaron. Having the GOAT as an in-law should only help his golf game.