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Chase Young’s training camp push-up regimen will have NFC East lineman wishing they opted out this season

August 18, 2020

If you’re one of like six NFC East offensive lineman who decided to give football a go this year, you probably woke up Tuesday morning feeling like you made a big, big mistake. No, not because of a COVID-19 outbreak or a league-wide re-emphasis on holding calls, but because you logged onto the ol’ Twitter machine and saw Chase Young tossing fellow rookie Paul Adams out like the evening garbage and realized that in four weeks time, on national TV, you were going to be said garbage.

But that’s just the end result. It’s the process that truly makes Chase Young scary, which, according to Washington Football Team reporter Rhiannon Walker, includes this certifiably crazy training camp push-up routine.

NFL training camps in the August sun are known for being some of the most gruelling, sadistic physical rituals this side of a Navy Seal initiation and Chase Young is doing MORE entirely because he WANTS TO. And yes, even we can do five push ups, but it sounds like Young is holding himself to a pretty high standard on what constitutes “making the play.” On the play in question, Walker seems to think Young won the battle, but it still wasn’t good enough, so he dropped and gave it five. We’re guessing that happens 10-plus times a day. You do the math.

And let’s remember one more thing before we go. This isn’t Jay Gruden leading his band of merry degenerates down to the hookah lounge every Sunday night to hit on coeds. Riverboat Ron Rivera is in charge now and that man lives for one thing and one thing only: To rush the gosh darn passer. Maybe Nate Solder had the right idea after all.