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Charles Barkley takes hilarious shot at the vegan crowd while discussing his all-world diet

We've talked many times before about Charles Barkley's ability to say whatever is on his mind and rarely receive any backlash for it. He's the Teflon Don of the NBA world, but on Thursday night's edition of the NBA on TNT, he may have picked a fight with the wrong crowd. Well, maybe not the wrong crowd, but the loudest, most vocal and severely-lacking-meat-in-their-diet crowd.

After viewing Steven Adams' perfect commercial for the Oklahoma Beef Council, in which he says that he "smashes" steaks all the time, Ernie Johnson asked "what do you smash, Chuck?" As you're well aware, Chuck smashes anything, because "you can't get this fat" by not smashing everything as Barkley describes in the video below. Moments after listing his favorite foods (all of them, basically), Kenny Smith, who checks in at 170 pounds, mentioned his love of meatless hamburgers. That gave Barkely an opportunity to take a shot at vegans, and he didn't disappoint:

Look at the disgust on this man's face at the mere mention of something healthy:

Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 11.00.51 AM.png

That's the face of a man that's starred in a few fast food commercials in his day. By the way, Chuck's Pringles eating habits might be the best part of that video. If you've ever opened a fresh can of Pringles, you know that helpless feeling of realizing you are about to consume every single Pringle. You don't just eat "a few" Pringles, you go HAM on the entire can. It's science.

Keep doing you Chuck, and good luck in your inevitable war with PETA.