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Charles Barkley plans to retire before he "starts s***ing and p***ing" on himself

March 13, 2019

Bad news, NBA fans. Charles Barkley doesn't plan on working too much longer. And he's got an, um, interesting reason for leaving the studio.

During a Wednesday media scrum, the NBA Hall-of-Famer turned TNT analyst said with certainty he plans to retire by the time he's 60. Or, possibly, after 20 seasons on TV, which would happen (gulp) next year. Apparently, the Round Mound of Rebound is a big fan of round numbers.

But in typical Barkley fashion, his intention involved the type of outrageous statement we've come to expect on Inside the NBA. The Chuckster doesn't want to work until he's too old because he wants to enjoy life, but also, because, "You can't work until the day you die. At some point, you're going to start s***ing and p***ing yourself."

In the clip, Barkley also says he's gained 75 pounds since having both his hips replaced over the past two summers, but that it was "the best decision" he's ever made to undergo the operations. Hopefully, the new hips haven't hurt his golf game too much as he prepares for his pending retirement. Then again, it's hard to imagine Barkley playing any worse.