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Canadian tennis player sips maple syrup mid-finals match, becomes instant national hero

February 10, 2020
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This week on a brand new episode of We Couldn't Make This Up if We Tried, we're thrilled to present professional tennis player Vasek Pospisil! Pospisil just wrapped up a great run at Open Sud de France in Marseille, advancing all the way to the final against Gael Monfils on Sunday. But we're not here to talk about tennis. We're here to talk about what happened between the tennis, when the Canadian-born player was spotted refueling with swigs off a maple syrup bottle during his decisive match with Monfils. Yes, this is a real thing that happened. No, we don't know why . . . besides, you know, Canada.

Maybe it's a sugar thing? Does maple syrup have electrolytes? Gatorade pancakes anyone? We have a million and one questions, but whatever the answers, this is still about as good a power move as you'll find on the ATP circuit. Break as many rackets as you like, there's nothing more intimidating than your opponent staring into the void taking pulls from a bottle of Grade-A amber maple syrup, no chaser. Where do you even get maple syrup in southern France? Did he bring it through customs just for this? Like we said, the questions go on and on into the night.

Unfortunately for Pospisil and the great commonwealth of Canada, Pospisil's little mid-match snack wasn't enough to propel him past Monfils, who took home the title for a third time, winning 7-5, 6-3. But with Slam season underway, Pospisil is definitely one to watch . . . especially if he keeps that secret syrup holstered and ready for action.