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Canadian man politely asking a family of bears to leave his backyard is the most Canadian thing ever

September 25, 2017

How would you react if a family of bears invaded your backyard? For Canadian Jordan Cote, the answer came naturally last week. Be polite.

Check out the amusing video of Cote kindly asking the bears to leave: "I need you guys to go, OK? . . . I gotta go to work." And incredibly, the animals obeying right on cue:

"Thank you!" Cote says after they turn around and start walking away. "Hope you enjoyed my yard! Have a nice day!" What a swell guy.

Cote originally posted the video to a Facebook page called "Meanwhile in Sooke" (British Columbia) with the caption: "How a Canadian responds to wildlife." Sounds about right. And CTV News gathered more details on the encounter between the bears and Cote.

"The whole encounter is so casual. I’m like, this is Canada," Cote told CTV Vancouver. "If you remain calm, the bear remains calm. We all can co-exist."

During these crazy times, what a nice thought.