This "monster" Texas frog is the stuff of nightmares

May 31, 2017

They say everything is bigger in Texas, but this is just ridiculous. Photos of a frog (Yes, a frog) caught last week are going viral. And it's easy to see why.

Man, that looks a lot bigger than 13 pounds. Regardless, who knew bull frogs could grow to be that size? Absolutely terrifying.

And although the creature wasn't captured on a golf course, it should give golfers an extra reason to keep their eyes peeled when they play in Texas. From giant gators to giant pythons, we've heard of some scary sights on golf courses, but this giant frog might be the scariest. Then again. . .

"It's not as bigly as it appears," Texas Parks & Wildlife Department spokesman Steve Lightfoot told the Houston Chronicle.

First of all, who says "bigly"? Oh, right. Go on. . .

"[It's an] optical illusion created by extending frog toward the camera -- similar to what you see with fishermen holding up fish to make them appear larger. Still a big bullfrog, though."

Um, yeah.