Caddie causes Wesley Bryan's brother to get hit with unusual penalty in PGA Tour Latinoamerica event

October 20, 2017

Keyur Khamar

When teamed up as the trick-shot duo the Bryan Brothers, George and Wesley Bryan made contact with moving golf balls all the time. But as tour pros, that's a no-no. Of course, both brothers know this rule (Rule 19-2 to be exact), but unfortunately for George, his caddie at this week's PGA Tour Latinoamerica event didn't. Either that, or the local looper just had a costly brain fart.

Following George Bryan's opening round of 74 at the Lexus Peru Open, he tweeted this:

Bryan later confirmed the infraction happened on the 18th hole, where the extra stroke gave him a crushing quadruple bogey to end what had otherwise been a good round.

Both George and Wesley Bryan were standout golfers at the University of South Carolina. Wesley is coming off a fantastic rookie campaign on the PGA Tour, which included a win at Hilton Head in April. Older brother George is hoping to join him on the big tour at some point.

George's odd penalty is just the latest in what is shaping up as an unusual week on the PGA Tour Latinoamerica. Also on Thursday, a fellow player, Jorge Fernandez-Valdes, shot 28 on the front nine, but followed it up with a 42 on the back. And before the tournament started, the tour announced the event would be shortened to 54 holes. Because of a local census taking place on Sunday. Really. So keep checking back for weekend updates from the wacky PGA Tour Latinoamerica. Well, or Saturday updates, that is.