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Players Championship: Byeong Hun An eviscerates Twitter troll after ‘broomstick’ putter jab


Jared C. Tilton

If you come at a PGA Tour pro, you best not miss. They’re better at golf than you are. Because they’re better at golf than you are, they make more money than you do. Because they make more money than you do, their wife is more attractive, their garage holds more cars and they get more leg room on airplanes. You get the picture we’re painting right? You’re a Joe, they’re a pro. Shut your mouth and keep walking.

Unfortunately, some people can’t help themselves. Some people are like Dave, who goes by @Run_DMP on the Internet. For two months, Dave has been waging a Cold War with Byeong Hun An on Twitter. It all started when Ben An tweeted that the age-old “swing your swing” adage only applied to good players. Dave clapped back with some classic Twitter whataboutery.

Ben An made the mistake of responding to the haters, which is, ironically enough, the only thing on this giant dying space rock that haters actually like.

After that, things cooled down for awhile, but Dave didn’t go anywhere. He simply crouched down in the weeds and waited for his moment, which came Thursday, when Ben An had an uneven opening round on the TPC Sawgrass greens. That’s when Dave pounced. What he didn’t expect is that Ben An would be ready, beating Dave over the head with the very broomstick he meant to insult him with.

It’s not every day we get to see a PGA Tour pro call a random troll a “dumb f*ck,” so savor it. Ben An has a point as well. He fired five birdies on his way to a three-under-par 69 on Thursday. Granted, he finished the day ranked 70th in strokes gained putting, but so far in 2024, with his so-called “broomstick” in the bag, Ben An has racked up a runner-up and three top-10s, good for nearly $3 million in prize money and 5th in the FedEx Cup standings. Not too shabby.

Needless to say, it might be time for Dave to log off and go touch some actual grass. It’s a beautiful spring weekend and we assume he's a golfer, so while this is may not have gone the way he wanted it to, we can think of worse ways for it to end.