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Bryson DeChambeau's caddie doesn't have a Ph.D.—in fact, he actually failed pre-algebra


Imagine the pressure of caddieing for Bryson DeChambeau. You'd think the job would require a fancy degree from an Ivy League-caliber school, with some continued education in astrophysics or the like. Turns out, that's not the case. Surprisingly, math isn't the strong suit of Bryson DeChambeau's caddie, Tim Tucker.

Despite Bryson's penchant for vector green reading, his mastery of physics, radius control and calculating the coefficient of restitution, among the many other idiosyncrasies of one of the most unique golfers, the World No. 5-ranked golfer actually has a caddie with a simpler approach to the game.

"The best part is, you know he failed pre-algebra," DeChambeau explains in an appearance on Golf Channel's Feherty, which will air at 9 p.m. eastern on Monday.

Even then, the mad scientist said he's opted for Tucker over a more experienced caddie, although he admits he considered firing Tucker at one point earlier in his young career.

Give the clip a watch, which Golf Channel gave to us as an exclusive preview of the Feherty appearance by Bryson on Monday.

We won't judge DeChambeau's caddie too hard. Pre-algebra is tough. We'd think some of the calculations that Bryson requires of Tucker require some skills that can't be taught in a classroom.

We're sure the entirety of the show will be entertaining, as Bryson is really one of golf's best conversationalists. Who knows what kind of topics will be covered here—coefficient of restitution, predicative analysis ... Tiger stories. You'd expect two great talkers such as David Feherty and Bryson DeChambeau to keep us entertained. And we're sure they will.