‘The worst human in professional golf’: Brooks Koepka reads mean tweets, Patrick Reed catches a stray


David Cannon

Brooks Koepka finished his final six holes on Thursday with three bogeys and no birdies. Though won’t be thrilled with that back-nine performance, the rest of the field might want to watch out for the big-game hunter now that Smash GC has shared the following clip. If reading a bunch of mean tweets doesn’t inspire Koepka, nothing will. (Warning: NSFW language ahead).

Koepka’s LIV Golf team went nuclear posting this ridiculously-NSFW video on the first day of the U.S. Open. It’s not rocket science, having one of the best golfers in the world read mean tweets, but it’s certainly a winner and Koepka takes it all in (seemingly) good fun.

“Brooks Koepka looks like the kind of guy who is mean to dogs” and “Suck it in fat boy” are certainly harsh. Koepka has some words for the latter as well: “I’ve been trying, bro. I’ve got the dad bod going. I’m not worried about it anymore.”

Things then jump up a level when Tiger Woods is dragged into it in a, umm, not super PC way. These are words we thought we'd never hear Koepka say, especially from a team-sanctioned account, and yet, here we are.

One troll then goes after fellow LIV golfer Patrick Reed, tweeting, “The worst human in professional golf. Even worse than Patrick Reed,” which gets a roar from Koepka.

“That was actually kind of funny,” Koepka continues. “Patrick Reed’s a good dude too.”

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We know that Koepka likes to use the naysayers and hate as fuel for the fire, so this might be a perfect strategy from LIV at Pinehurst No. 2. Get those competitive juices going. Maybe, just maybe, we’re about to see major win number six.