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U.S. Open 2024: Poor soul gets caught digging DEEP for gold on live television

Not to get gross, but you are a liar if you say you've never picked your nose in your life. Sometimes it is simply a necessary evil. The hope is you never get caught red-, er, gold-handed out in public. The total nightmare scenario is getting caught doing it on live television, then having the video of the weak moment get posted to the internet, where things live forever.

That is now the unfortunate reality for one poor soul at Pinehurst, a guy simply trying to take in some golf shots on the range at the U.S. Open. Making matters worse is the hilarious commentary from Sean Brace, a sports radio host in Philadelphia who, unsurprisingly, pulled zero punches with this one:

B-R-U-T-A-L. Brutal. 

You just have to have a little more situational awareness than this, folks. If you're going to do the deed, find a place to hide. Go under the grandstands, a porta-john, etc. Or just find a freaking tissue. Don't go behind Rory McIlroy on the range on Wednesday of the U.S. Open and expect to have a private moment. A tough, tough scene.