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The actual reason Brooks Koepka looked super sad in a 'Full Swing' scene is incredibly hilarious and has nothing to do with golf

Given where his game's at now, Brooks Koepka's episode of the Netflix series "Full Swing," depicting him as a lost golfer coming to terms with the fact that he could be cooked, almost seems silly. But that's golf. One moment you're on top of the world, and the next you're wondering if it might be time to hang 'em up.

But even Koepka has admitted on multiple occasions that the episode was, let's just say, a little over-dramatized. Sure, he was consumed by the possible loss of his golf swing, and who wouldn't be a little frightened about having to compete with Scottie Scheffler during the epic run he went on last season. But the four-time major champion wasn't exactly on the edge of a cliff like the episode made it seem.

There was one scene, however, where Koepka 100 percent was standing on the edge of a cliff, but it had absolutely nothing to do with golf. It was the scene where he's sitting in the living room with his mother, looking like somebody had just punted his dog off of a bridge. As he revealed during an interview on the "Pardon My Take" podcast on Wednesday, golf was the furthest thing from his mind in that clip. Here's the exchange with host Dan "Big Cat" Katz:

Katz: "I do want to have your back for one moment. The scene where you were talking to your mom in your living room, you looked angry, and you text me after that actually that scene happened during March Madness and you had just suffered a very bad loss. They should have shown that! Because, someone after a bad March Madness loss cannot be judged as a regular human being."

Koepka: "Yeah, no, absolutely. I literally just couldn't move on, I'm sure every gambler knows this. There was a bit of clean-up that happened before the cameras got there... yeah, it wasn't pretty. My mom walked into a bad situation."

Katz: "And you were wearing the 'triggered' sweatshirt, which was so perfect."

Koepka: "Yeah, actually it was funny, I went up to shower and I was so pissed off. So I went up and put the 'triggered' hoodie on."

Unfortunately, because Netflix makes it impossible to pull screenshots or clips from their shows, we can't pinpoint for you this exact moment. But if you go back and watch his episode you'll be able to yourself. If only we could pinpoint the exact game he lost on, too, then we'd be cooking. We'd have to imagine it was a backdoor cover of some sort, maybe a late meaningless three or some classic college kid bricked free throws, to make him that upset. We all know that bad beat feeling on a cold March evening. And the last person you need there is your mom asking why you're sad and eventually poking and prodding until you reveal you just lost a boatload of money and then she lectures you on the perils of gambling. Nightmare fuel. We fell you, Brooksy.