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Brooks Koepka could probably win majors left-handed if these numbers are for real

March 20, 2020

A day after Rickie Fowler and Justin Thomas shared swings and results of a left-handed competition, Brooks Koepka showed his fellow PGA Tour pros who is boss when it comes to switch-hitting on the course. Or rather, in a hitting bay. Turns out Koepka is actually practicing during this unexpected hiatus in the golf schedule.

First, a look at the lefty cuts of JT and Rickie, who said he rallied on the back nine to shoot 94 and beat his buddy:

The average weekend hack sees those swings—and even that score—and salivates. But Brooks just thought it was cute.

On Friday, Koepka's swing coach, Claude Harmon, shared a couple videos of Koepka showing off his lefty swing, and, well, wow. Check it out:

Look at those numbers! Koepka can carry an 8-iron 194 yards from the left side?! Does he even do that righty? You're probably wondering, what about the driver? Glad you asked!

How about that 293-yard carry with the driver?! And as you can see by the shot dispersion chart, he's not exactly spraying it off the tee. What a beast.

Koepka has often indicated he feels he gets a bit overlooked despite being a four-time major champ, so maybe his plan is to win major No. 5 from the opposite side to really stick it to everyone. For the time being, he seemed pretty content just sticking it to JT and Rick.

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