Drive By

British Open 2021: Brooks Koepka says he loves his driver, gives the people exactly what they want

If you thought the story of the week at Royal St. George’s, the first Open Championship in nearly two years, was going to be golf, then you know very little about golf. Instead, the 149th Open has become the Brooks and Bryson Brooksy show once more. It all began yesterday, when Bryson DeChambeau went off on his Cobra driver after an erratic one-over 71, all but shouting “the driver SUCKS” for the entire club-buying world to hear.

The comments drew criticism from everyone from Paul Azinger to Justin Thomas, but miraculously went uncommented on from DeChambeau’s arch rival, Brooks Koepka. An unthinkable 26 hours passed. Perhaps, some even began to wonder, the bubble of golf’s greatest modern feud had finally burst. But then Koepka stepped to the mic following his four-under 66 on Friday and oh-so-casually slipped in this little gem.

“I thought the wind died down. Compared to yesterday I didn’t think it was as bad so you could be a little more aggressive,” Koepka said, teeing up his coup de grace. “Drove the ball great. Love my driver.”


The most hilarious part of all this is that Koepka didn’t drive the ball that great. He hit of six of 14 fairways during his second round. But that’s OK. Koepka has never let pesky little things like facts stand in the way of a good beef and he’s not about to start now.