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Brooklyn Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie says Kermit the Frog meme played role in his game winner

November 01, 2018

In the modern-day social media world, it can be very hard for a meme to stick around for longer than a few days, maybe a few months tops. Back in my day (2016), you could use the same meme over and over, for any situation, and it would apply (looking at you, Crying Jordan). Now? You'll be lucky to get one tweet out of a meme before it's old news.

The last one that really hung around for awhile though was the Kermit the Frog vs. Kermit the Frog in a hoodie meme. Sounds ridiculous, yes, but the premise is basically identical to that of the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other. Good Kermit (angel) wants you to make the right decision, while hoodie Kermit (devil) wants you to make the bad, questionable or risky one. Some examples:

Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 9.27.28 AM.png

You get the gist, and yes that is a damn sweatshirt of a freaking meme. What a world.

Anyway, the Kermit the Frog hoodie meme has fallen off the map. Kermit is a versatile meme charatacer, so it's understandable. You've got Kermit sip the tea, Kermit stares longingly out the rainy window, Kermit needs CPR, Kermit loves cocaine, etc. But thanks to Brooklyn Nets point guard Spencer Dinwiddie, Kermit vs. Hoodie Kermit made a comeback on Wednesday night following his team's 120-119 victory over the Detroit Pistons. Dinwiddie was the star of the game, hitting a three to send the game into overtime, then hitting the game winner in overtime in front of a packed Barclays Center crowd:

Even with 20 seconds still to play in the game, Dinwiddie's first three was the right shot. He was wide open coming off a screen, and had the opportunity to tie the game and did so. The second shot in OT? Yeah, not exactly high percentage. A step back three over Andre Drummond in the right corner when all you need is a two is a shot that you'd only feel comfortable with a few guys in the NBA taking and making. Dinwiddie was feeling it though, and in his post game comments he revealed why he went with that shot. Because hoodie Kermit said so:

Turns out rolling with hoodie Kermit pays off every now and then. Unless you're Lance Stephenson or J.R. Smith, who each have two hoodie Kermits on each shoulder telling them to do the dumbest shit possible.