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British Open 2023: Max Homa hustles kid in rock, paper, scissors, is off to a hot start at Royal Liverpool

July 18, 2023

OK, so we're not sure if you can actually hustle someone at rock, paper, scissors. We'll leave that to the pros—if there is such a thing—to determine. But it sure looked like Max Homa at least tried to hustle a young fan at the 2023 Open Championship on Tuesday. And we applaud him.

Homa stopped during a practice round near a boy who held up a sign saying, "PLEASE PLAY ROCK PAPER SCISSORS FOR A GOLF BALL," and did just that. Only he began by asking the kid, "How do you do it?" The kid then showed him how you do it and Homa then won their quick matchup, going with scissors to cut down the kids' foolish paper play.

Homa then said, "Close," and continued on his way without leaving a golf ball. Hey, rules are rules and the kid lost. Little dude is lucky Max didn't demand a golf ball from him.

It was a far different outcome than when Mackenzie Hughes lost his hat to a young fan at the AT&T Byron Nelson back in May. Mackenzie could use a lesson in RPS strategy from Max. Anyway, have a look:

So did Homa really not know how to play rock, paper, scissors? Obviously, we find that hard to believe. It's also possible he was making sure there wasn't some British version of the game (I remember some people adding a "Says shoot!" for some reason). But, again, we prefer to believe Homa was tricking the kid into thinking he didn't know what he was doing before breaking his little heart.

In any event, Homa is off to a hot start at Royal Liverpool as he looks completely locked in. Fellow players—and young fans—have been warned.

UPDATE: Turns out, Homa wasn't hustling the kid. He's just "awful" at rock, paper, scissors:

Sure you are, Max. Sure you are.