Tour Pros Are Just Like Us! (Sort of)

British Open 2022: Golf Twitter enjoyed Jordan Spieth making a total mess of this ice cream cone

July 13, 2022

There are so many great things about being at a British Open, but it's hard to top the ice cream. Even when it doesn't feel like ice cream weather—so, basically, all the time in Scotland—there are trucks all over the course selling this creamy soft-serve concoction with a chocolate "flake" sticking out of the middle. It's a positively glorious treat.

So much so that Jordan Spieth couldn't resist scarfing one down during his final practice round on Wednesday at St. Andrews. Well, make that trying to scarf one down.

The three-time major champ doesn't seem to have the same hand-eye coordination with eating as he does golfing (And yes, we're allowed to use the word "golfing" now). Have a look for yourself as Spieth takes a few quick bites and gets ice cream all over his face before handing the unfinished cone to his agent, Jay Danzi:

We're guessing Jay didn't mind finishing that up, because, again, they're glorious. As for Spieth, maybe the wind got to him? Or the fact that he's not used to eating ice cream while wearing a sweater? Anyway, not surprisingly, Golf Twitter had fun with this:

Poor guy. Initially, we were also going to give Spieth another bogey for not trying the flake, but after multiple replays, it appears he did nibble a bit of that. But then did he . . . spit it out?! Regardless, good for him. When in Rome, right? Or, Scotland, rather.