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British Open 2018: Watch Jean van de Velde's epic collapse again -- in LEGO form

July 19, 2018

Poor Jean van de Velde. It's not enough that the world will see endless images and replays from his epic final-hole meltdown in 1999 this week with the British Open returning to Carnoustie. Now golf fans can see arguably the all-time saddest triple bogey in LEGO form.

Plastic master artist Jared Jacobs, the man who has given other famous sports moments the LEGO treatment, is back with his latest collaboration for Golf Channel. Check it out. Or don't, if you are Jean van de Velde or one of his relatives. . .

The Frenchman's curious choice of driver and his unfortunate second shot off the grandstand aren't included, but Jacobs captures the crazy scene of a shoeless van de Velde climbing into the Barry Burn to retrieve his golf ball (19 years later, the most amazing thing about that day still might be that he thought about hitting a completely submerged shot). And it ends on a bit of a high note, literally, with the playing of the glorious Yanni penned U.S. Open-turned-British Open theme, "In Celebration of Man" after van de Velde holes his clutch(?) putt for triple bogey to force a playoff. That song will make anything -- even one of the biggest chokes in sports history -- seem better.